Exercises For Sciatica

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29 comments on “Exercises For Sciatica

  1. Malton Schexneider says:

    So glad this worked for you Do me a favor and follow me on my other youtube channel, PainReliefSecrets

  2. kingriek1 says:

    I’ve been suffering with this for twenty years, have gone through doctors, chiropractors, reflexologists, etc. You’ve changed my life with these two simple exercises. I can’t thank you enough.

  3. Malton Schexneider says:

    Excellent! Glad it helped.

  4. Malton Schexneider says:

    Glad to help

  5. Malton Schexneider says:

    This may indicate a VERY irritable muscle, in which case other treatment options such as injection therapy might be considered. 

  6. Malton Schexneider says:

    There are cases where the nerve gets tethered and won’t allow the leg to extend fully. In cases like this, further diagnostics studies may be warranted to rule out a nerve entrapment. The piriformis may be a secondary issue.

  7. Angela Cormier says:

    I can in no means or way extend my leg all the way up at an 90 degree angle… I am very active, sciatica just started last fall, suffered with lower back pain since I was 18 years old and am now 36,,,,, so is it alright if I can’t extend my leg all the way up in the air at 90 degree angle? The first stretch is nice and feels good… should a person continue to try to exercise with sciatica… I have just been trying to doing weight lifting, no jumping/jolting movements…

  8. Linda Taylor says:

    I have been in serious pain with my sciatic nerve. I cannot sit comfortably. I cannot walk comfortably, and laying down is a problem too. I tried this and felt immediate relief! Night and day difference. So definitely useful and safe when you are in pain.

  9. Timithia Richardson says:

    I just tried this and I’m in more pain

  10. Intotheatom says:

    It does work! Lol! Brilliant! Thank you :)

  11. Malton Schexneider says:

    Try this exercise for sciatica pain and let me know how it works.

  12. Malton Schexneider says:

    Thanks for your input. Time, if you can tolerate it, will eventually work in your favor as it relates to back pain and sciatica.

  13. Malton Schexneider says:

    Actually not completely correct. In cases where the muscle is VERY irritable, you’re right, this may be too aggressive. But for the vast majority of cases, this exercise works like a charm.

  14. Brian Shega says:

    This may be good if you have no current pain. But no individual in serious sciatic nerve pain will be able to safely perform these stretches.

  15. GravInducedSleepTrac says:

    Mild traction/decompression for sciatic pain due to herniated disk good, however if you don’t get at least 4 hours of deep R.E.M. sleep while in traction, results will be modest and short lived. In R.E.M. sleep the brain paralyses the body,completely relaxing the core. So in order to have gravity really work, I! added 2 more ingredients, time, and sleep.Time to compress/decompress. D.I.Y. for about $20 in materials a few common tools, and some time, pain relief may be just a day or 2 away.

  16. Sidharth Kapil says:

    after workout i feel pain on lower back then it suddenly after 3 days it goes upto foot ..pain is not worse but m sacred,,help me what to do ?

  17. Malton Schexneider says:

    You might also try the video entitled “Back Pain Relief”.

  18. PsychoAngusTroydon says:

    my right front quad is numb, will this help me?

  19. Malton Schexneider says:

    Still need more information, but from what you describe it may be disc related as opposed to muscle related. have you had an MRI?

  20. Malton Schexneider says:

    2 things may be going on:
    1. Piriformis muscle way too irritable for this exercise. In that case injection therapy directly into the muscle is usually more beneficial.
    2. Sciatica may be coming from the spine, in which case epidural injections more effective

  21. Malton Schexneider says:

    Balance is always good, but start with the side of involvement

  22. Malton Schexneider says:

    Website: BackPainReliefSecrets. You can also take a look at our other youtube channel PainReliefSecrets

  23. Malton Schexneider says:

    Yes. If you have sciatica pain that affects one leg or the other, do the exercise for that particular side

  24. Malton Schexneider says:

    This stretch is especially effective for sciatica pain during pregnancy

  25. Malton Schexneider says:

    In cases like yours, you may benefit from direct piriformis injections or epidural injections

  26. Malton Schexneider says:

    You can check out our other youtube channel at painreliefsecrets

  27. Malton Schexneider says:

    Do the exercise for sciatica on the side of the symptoms

  28. Malton Schexneider says:

    Often a good idea to do these before and after workouts

  29. Malton Schexneider says:

    Hard to say with the limited information.  Might be related to lumbar stenosis, could be periperal neuropathy, could be cramps from low K+… Again, hard to say without more info.

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