Complementary, alternative medicines did not affect disease activity in gout
Almost 25% of patients with gout reported using complementary and alternative medicines, but their disease activity did not differ from patients avoiding such treatments after 1 year, according to recent study results.

Researchers in New Zealand conducted a longitudinal observational study of 276 patients (mean age, 59 years; 70% men) with gout for less than 10 years (mean disease duration, 5.2 years). Assessment of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) information was conducted at baseline and included frequency, type and cost of therapies. Disease activity was assessed at baseline and at 1 year and included flare frequency, tophus count, Health Assessment Questionnaire II and serum urate.

Allopurinol treatment was reported by 165 (59.8%) patients. Sixty-six (23.9%) patients reported CAM use, including dietary supplements (13.8% of all patients) and vitamins (5.8%).

CAM users reported greater concern about gout but did not differ from those not taking CAM, regarding age, sex, education, ethnicity, illness perceptions or disease activity measures at baseline or after 1 year. CAM users also had more total gout therapy-related costs at baseline than non-CAM users (mean monthly cost, NZ $35.7 vs. NZ $7.1; P=.001).

“The use of CAM was relatively low in this study, compared with reported rates of between 28% and 90% of patients with [rheumatoid arthritis] and more than 80% in those with [osteoarthritis],” the researchers concluded. “Patients taking CAM did not have any difference in gout disease activity outcomes at baseline or after 1 year. These data suggest that questions about CAM use should be incorporated into the clinical assessment of patients with gout, to develop treatment plans that best suit the individual patient’s needs and health beliefs.”

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