How To Dissolve Gout Crystals


Dissolving gout crystals doesn’t require drugs, you can dissolve them naturally. Here, you’ll discover a secret way to eliminate gout crystals using a simple grocery item.

First though, before we discover how to get rid of gout crystals naturally, it’s probably best if we consider the cause of gout, and, why you may not want to use drug-based treatments to cure your gout.

As you probably already know your gout is caused by uric acid crystals that have formed in your joint(s). And you probably also know that these are formed when you have relatively high levels of uric acid in your blood.

But did you know that uric acid is actually a byproduct of the metabolizing process that goes on in your body? Cells in your body have chemical compounds called ‘purines’ that produce uric acid. But purines also exist in your food, which is important, as you’ll see below.

And so to mainstream medical treatment. There are drugs to reduce inflammation and relieve pain that do that very well. But they don’t dissolve gout crystals. However, there are other drugs that, whilst they can’t actually ‘dissolve’ crystals, can reduce uric acid levels in your blood.

But more and more gout sufferers find themselves being attracted to natural remedies for gout that can do everything that drugs can do. And without the horrible side effects of those drugs.

So, what’s this ‘secret’ natural remedy for dissolving gout crystals? It’s baking soda. Yes, the baking soda you may well have in a kitchen cupboard can dissolve your uric acid crystals.

And not only dissolve the crystals, but also help raise the solubility of uric acid itself, and, maximise body fluids volume. This helps to excrete uric acid more effectively out of your body, thus helping to lower your overall uric acid levels.

Here’s how to dissolve your gout crystals using baking soda…

Thoroughly mix 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) in a large glass of water. Drink 1 glass before bedtime, a glass in the morning, and a glass every 2 – 4 hours in between meals. Follow this routine everyday until your gout symptoms abate.

Important: Never take more than the equivalent of 4 teaspoons of baking soda in any 24 hour period. And, since it is very high in sodium, change to a low-sodium diet and stop putting salt on or in your food. Plus, if you suffer from high blood pressure, see your doctor for their advice before trying this remedy.

The above remedy has been shown to be effective, but, is really only of use during an attack. You really don’t want to be taking it once the attack has abated and the crystals have been dissolved. It has too much sodium for that.

But you do need to prevent your uric acid rising again and causing you to have frequent gout attacks. You need to do this because of the dangers of permanently damaged joints and kidney problems associated with long term recurring gout.

Now there are many natural ways to help do this, but your diet — remember purines in food above? — and other things like your lifestyle, weight, family history, etc. must all be addressed as well, if you are to prevent further gout attacks with their inherent dangers.

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