Treatment of Gout using Magnetic Therapy Products

Experience has shown me how gout pain is can be a nasty painful condition. In the this video we provide tips for gout treatment with theuse of our Australia made magnetic underlay and magnetic therapy products. Magnetic therapy (also known as biomagnetic therapy or bio magnetic therapy) involves the used on health magnets to assist in the reduction of muscular inflammation and pain without the use of harsh drugs. For more reading information on arthritis foot pain using magnetic therapy click to: Magnetic Insoles Magnetic Body Studs: To read more about the magnetic underlay click to: With over 40 years of combined experience My wife Jannese and I (Cameron) have a wealth of information to share . Ring us on 1300 822 686 or 61 7 55759432 for your free consultation. As you can see from our video range we love to talk about the benefits of magnetic therapy go to to view our full range of products Dont forget to subscribe to our YouTube as there are many more videos to come. You dont have to worry about using harsh drugs for gout treatments. Magnetic Therapy is a drug free alternative with no side effects

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